"The distance between your dreams and reality is called action ..."

My name is Paula Holahan and I am a Cognitive Behavioural Coach based in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK.

Coaching is an incredible journey of discovery whereby one can become the best version of yourself through unconditional support from me as your personal coach. Through the use of coaching tools and techniques we will look at particular areas in your life, allowing you to identify and enhance your values, beliefs and behaviour and determine strategies that work for you and will support you achieving your goals.


Change is never easy but it  can be very rewarding. Are you ready to take the next step?

About Me

Paula Holahan

Paula offers career, leadership and student coaching.  She specialises in stress and performance management, and, health and wellbeing. Paula is holding successful virtual sessions via SKYPE and Zoom and is now able to offer one to one sessions in outdoor spaces during this unprecedented time. Paula has over 20 years experience working in the private, education and mental health sectors. During which time, she completed a degree in Psychology and developed a special interest in the Cognitive Approach of explaining why we behave the way we do, in particular Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.


If you are someone who: 

  • experiences stress and anxiety

  • is looking for support in self-acceptance

  • is concerned about work / life balance

  • is looking for support in wanting a career change

  • is a CEO / Managing Director looking to create a coaching culture

  • is a business owner seeking clarity and overcoming barriers to achieving your goals

  • is looking for support in a new / current leadership role

  • wishing to change organisations

  • is needing support in performance management

  • approaching a crossroads in their life

You will benefit from personal coaching by using a bespoke program tailored to your needs, gaining strategies that will support you achieving your goals.

Take the next step today.

If you are a family who:

  • experiences stress and anxiety

  • seeking support from your family in
    your career

  • returning to work

  • in need of a work / life balance

  • experiencing menopause

  • traversing through puberty

  • new parents worried about work / life balance

  • have empty nest syndrome

  • have teenagers undertaking exams

You will benefit from family coaching by using a bespoke program tailored to your needs, gaining strategies that will support you achieving your goals.

Take the next step today.

If you are someone who:

  • is aged 16+

  • is a teacher who needs support in performance management

  • is a Headteacher / member of the Senior Leadership Team looking for support in their role

  • is an educator looking to create a coaching culture 

  • experiences stress and anxiety

  • wants to improve their exam results

  • looking for support to get motivated

  • experiences procrastination

  • looking for support in self-acceptance


You will benefit from education coaching by using a bespoke program tailored to your needs, gaining strategies that will support you achieving your goals.


Take the next step today.

Articles about Coaching


Anon, Student

 "Mrs Holahan suggested doing a coaching programme with me to help with my stress and coping with my workload inside and outside of school. At first I was skeptical because I thought I just needed more catch up sessions but the difference in how I’ve been feeling in myself from the start to the end of the 9 week programme has been insane. I started to cope with my workload in a completely different way and made my stress less extreme"

July 2019

Anon, Head of Department; Deputy Head of Sixth Form

 "Coaching with Paula has definitely helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve and develop the self belief to go after my goals. Before the coaching programme I never would have had the confidence to apply for a position within the leadership team. But coaching has not only helped me in my career, but also in my personal life. I have now started to approach things in a different, more positive way and I have Paula to thank!!"

January 2020

Anon, Parent Returning to Work

 "I was always a bit dubious about coaching and didn't think it was necessarily for me but I was feeling quite concerned about returning to work and how I was going to manage to get a work/life balance. I was also quite concerned about the stresses that working full time would have on my marriage. I now have a completely different view on coaching! I think it is so important to make that time for yourself as you reap the rewards after each session. Paula helped me to understand how important it is to prioritise what was needed to be done TODAY rather than trying to be wonder woman and do it all in one day! I have seen the positive impact it has had on both my work life and my home life. I would recommend coaching with Paula to anyone returning to work"

January 2020

Anon, Career Transition

"Paula's coaching has helped me get on track and accomplish a number of goals that I set myself. She helped me prioritise at a time when I felt a bit confused and lost regarding work. I feel much clearer now about what I want to do and have already had some positive outcomes. Paula's style is facilitative and clear and she provides very useful structures to aid thinking"

June 2020