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About me

Paula has over 20 years experience working in the private, education and mental health sectors. During this time, she completed a degree in Psychology and developed a special interest in the Cognitive Approach of explaining why we behave the way we do and how this approach can be applied to empowering a person, in particular through Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.


Paula is interested in how thoughts can influence behaviour both positively and negatively. Specifically, other people's actions and the impact they have on their own personal situation. She realised that this affected every area of people's lives including, relationships (partners, children, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues); career (promotion; new job; new career; going back to work, meeting targets) and more importantly, life's milestones (puberty, new parents, empty nest syndrome, menopause, exams, new job, marriage, separation, divorce).


By employing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching techniques and a multi-integrational psychological approach, Paula will show you how core beliefs can influence your decision-making, resulting in varied perception and coping mechanisms in current, new or old situations. Within her own experiences Paula found that managing her own thoughts and responses resulted in reduced physical and psychological reactions to stress, improved relationships, promotions, career change and embracing the process of what life has to offer.

Consequently, Paula has proven results from creating bespoke coaching programs specific to her clients goals.  Clients have achieved promotion to leadership roles, transitioning careers, improved their grades and gained their first choice at University, and, parents returning to work improved their work / life balance to name a few.  As a result, they reported they had reduced stress and anxiety and increased their self-management within a few sessions. Subsequently, relationships improved with colleagues, families, partners and friends. 


In addition, Paula has worked collaboratively with service users within the mental health sector to successfully reduce the amount of readmissions to inpatient units.

She specialises in stress and performance management and the promotion of health and wellbeing. Paula's mission is to facilitate individuals in developing techniques and tools to improve life choices that will enable you to get the most out of your life.


The first session will comprise of a complimentary telephone call and if you choose to, an appointment will be set to identify areas for development, whereby goals will be set. 

Appointments via Face-to-Face; Skype; Zoom; Telephone and outdoor sessions can be facilitated




  • Psychology BSc (Hons) 2:1 - Open University

  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching accredited by Association for Coaching

    • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching - Centre for Coaching (accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC) and British Psychological Society (BPS)

    • Certificate in Stress and Performance Management - Centre for Coaching (accredited by the AC and BPS)

      • Including:​

        • Primary Certificate in Stress Management​

        • Primary Certificate in Performance Management

        • Primary Certificate in Problem Focused Counselling, Coaching & Training

    • Certificate in Coaching Psychology - Centre for Coaching (accredited by the AC and BPS)​

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Post-Compulsory Education - Institute of Education (UCL IOE)

Continuous Professional Development

  • Parenting Coaching

  • Systemic Coaching

  • Taking Coaching Conversations Outdoors 

  • Nature as a Dynamic Co-Partner

  • Leading a Coaching School for Senior Leaders 

  • Understanding the Mother-Daughter Relationship

  • Coaching Clients on the Autism Spectrum

  • Rising Vibe:  Managing Emotional Wellbeing at Work

Professional Bodies Membership

  • Association for Coaching (MAC)

  • International Society of Coaching Psychology (ISCP)

  • British Psychological Society (MBPsS)

    • Coaching Psychology Division​

  • Society of Education and Training (SET)


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